COVID-19 has seen a shift in how human resources are managed. With working from home becoming a necessity in a variety of industries, the work environment has changed. In human resource management, you have to adapt to these changes ensuring you are optimizing productivity and satisfaction among your employees.

So how can you improve employee morale?

Acknowledging accomplishments

Everyone wants to feel appreciated when they do a good job. This could be as simple as sending out a group email highlighting an employees’ achievements. Coming from the human resource manager this will lift their spirits and also encourage other employees to do the same.

However, you can go the extra mile and nominate them for national awards that will put them on the global map. For example, ETYA, where you will have a platform to showcase your company’s dedication to appreciating its human resource assets by nominating them.

Make work resources available

Working from home can be tasking, as a human resource manager, it is in your best interest to make necessary resources available for employees. Here are a few things you can do to make this possible:

Provide internet

How else will your team be able to attend virtual meetings, respond to emails, and access CRM systems? By doing this you will ensure that your company runs smoothly while giving your employees peace of mind.

Team support

When working from home, employees are unable to stand up from their desks and requesting for physical help. As a human resource manager, you have to ensure that each employee has access to teammates and the necessary support they need.

Make schedules flexible

When working from home, a flexible schedule proves important. The home environment offers different dynamics from dealing with children and time management. All these could affect productivity. It is the work of human resource managers to understand the needs of each employee and accommodate them. This way productivity is not affected and things keep running smoothly.

All these tips will help in improving employee morale across the board and make your human resource management efforts seamless