Did you know that human resource as a tool for success is the best thing your company has? According to a Bersin by Deloitte study, only 43% of companies who actively engage in HR activities outside the workplace see an increase in productivity. With that
said there are ways you can capitalize on it with ETYA.

Here are some of the ways ‘Employee of the Year Awards’ will help you:

Put your company on the map

Employee of the Year Awards looks at recognizing the work of human resource managers and leaders. We do this by allowing you to shine a spotlight on your star employees. By doing this your organization stands out as one of the best employers and this not only gives you visibility but credibility to how your organization runs.

Motivate your employees

Human resource is all about finding out ways in which you can make your employees feel at home. ETYA is a first of many awards that allows you to recognize and celebrate the efforts of dedicated employees. It comes with incentives that will motivate improved performance across all departments as each employee will want to win the coveted title. As a company give your employee the chance to be the Employee of the Year.