The Top Nominees 2021

Eric Njamumo 

– Spenomatic Group – 

“I believe when you torment what torments your boss there is always a seat for you at the adult table.”

Keziah Thiga

– Deep Africa – 

“I always seek to find the best outcome for all the clients I serve or cross paths with. Client’s satisfaction brings me more joy than my paycheque.”

Stephen Mulinge

– Stalpphiann Consultants –

“A corporate mover, risk enthusiast, and strategist. Who has grown several companies. Currently the head of risk and compliance.”

Njambi Muchiri

– Premier Realty Limited – 

“I am self-motivated, creative and a natural problem solver, I am able to work well under pressure and with minimal supervision.”

Mary Mueni Mwando

– Hawi and Hera Beauty Creations –

“Decided to cut my salary by a half by myself and for a period of 1 year now and still insists to do so until things turn back to normal.”

access afya

Schollar Gideon

– Access Afya –

“Enrolled our patients to the available digital platforms, this has enabled our patients engaged team to do additional patient follow-ups and conduct health education talks.”


Richard Okello

– Zanifu Limited –

“My enthusiasm to impact positively on human growth is profound to me, and I would be glad to win this award for the wonderful people we support through Zanifu.”

Sylvia Wanjiru

Sylvia Wanjiru

– Business Cash – 

“During the current pandemic, our business was hard hit and risked closure but I helped design a recovery strategy that helped the company stabilize.”

perfect space interiors

Mercy Nkirote

– Perfect Space Interiors –

“I deserve the award because I’m a people person and passionate about my work.”


Eugene Ojiambo

– Marketforce Technologies –

 “I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my IT skills.”

Harry Mwanangera Wachuka

– Northern Galaxy Hotel –

“Hard worker and a firm believer in result-oriented processes. I am a change agent for every organization I have worked for.”

dwa estate

Petronilla Nasimiyu

– Makutano Health Centre –

“Postponed my annual leave and came back to work during the countywide health care workers strike in December 2020 that lasted for three months.”

Dennis Wambua

Pesa Sacco Society Ltd

“Passionate in business development and customer service – offering the best customer experience to all customers while growing the business portfolio.”

Emily Anyango Otieno

-Dwa Estate –

“Reached out across departments and sections to facilitate and coordinate the company policies and agendas related to the two functions plus other legal and compliance issues.”

Tek box

Joan Mugure

-Tek Box Limited –

”Took a role to handle all communication channels with customers which lead to team growth as we showcased to the customer the need to have a unified platform.”

John Gikiri

-Lendu Credit Limited –

”Able to come up with new ideas and strategies on how to manage a portfolio, mitigating all the risks and observing the government directives as per the budget despite the new normal.”

Vincent Litali

-Sunuk Co Limited –

“Whether favorable conditions or not,l do my work with passion, made more improvements than l found, and have good relations with all the staff and customers for the company to grow and profitable. as well be an be role model to the youth.”

Edwin Odhiambo

Mathare FM

“I have been able to train so many young people of Mathare, Who never believe in success and informed about the outside world. I was also able to set up a Radio station for a reason that young people of Mathare from university can get a place to seek employment.”